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BÆBEL / Gregor Weichbrodt

„Single pages from IKEA furniture-assembly instructions were mixed together and renumbered. The result is an instructions manual of about 700 pages.“

And other of his projects:

ThingLab (1978) / Alan Borning

One of the first constraint-oriented simulation programs.

Video Demo
Online Version

Apparatus / Toby Schachman

„… is a hybrid graphics editor and programming environment for creating interactive diagrams.“

Critical Atlas of Internet / Louise Drulhe

„The aim of the “Critical Atlas of Internet” is to use spatial analysis as a key to understanding social, political and economic issues on Internet.“

Milestones in the History of Thematic Cartography, Statistical Graphics, and Data Visualization

Micro Visualisations / Jonas Parnow

„How can Micro Visualisations enhance text comprehension, memorability, and exploitation?“

Prepositiontools / Martin Avila

„…I designed prepositiontools to explore the potential of grammatical prepositions to analyse, ideate and materialise design proposals…“


Online magazine featuring essays and visual examples more or less dealing with diagrams and poetics.

Mark Lombardi

Memoseum / Nikolaus Gansterer

„Das Memoseum ist eine dynamische Sammlung des Erinnerns und des Vergessens, im ständigen Prozess der Erweiterung.“

Serendipity Engine / Enquiry Machine

„Each of the components of The Serendipity Engine will highlight problems observed by digital theorists, designers and technologists with the way the Web currently works – linguistic barriers, echo chambers – by proposing one vision of how the technology can be re-tooled to increase serendipitous encounters.“
„[…] the aim is to render visible other factors that could produce more inclusive digital technologies that better-represent being human in code.“
“[…] render visible the labour of knowledge making.”

Tree of Life (Hillis Plot)

A more complex diagram of evolutionary relations.

Gerhard Dirmoser

Theoretical occupation with diagrams, forms of order, forms of thinking and transformation in own diagrams.

„Formfragen als Ordnugsfragen“ (PDF)

Pattern Language / Christopher Alexander

A collection of 250 situations / scenarios / pattern of problems in architecture and urban planning. Images, texts and diagrams explain each situation and propose solutions. Structured in three parts from macro to micro (towns, buildings, construction). Meant as an instruction of modular solutions with the effort to enable more lively, integrated and beautiful architecture.

Communion / Field

Digitally augmented room filled with algorithmically evolving graphical „life forms“. Interesting arrangement and atmosphere.

Erick Beltran

Uses diagrams to map subjective and „non-expert“ forms of knowledge.

The use of a diagram enables us to create a new way of relating to the unknown, of unfolding the dynamics of orientation in the world.

Alexander Gerner in „Diagrammatic Thinking“ in „Atlas of Transformation“

Visual Proof

1 + 3 + 5 + … + (2n − 1) = n^2

Diagrams and their potential to make mathematical relations evidently visible, to proof them solely (previous knowledge assumed) by visual means.

Ricardo Basbaum

Artistic and subjective diagrams, known from the „Atlas of Transformation“.

Thousand Plateaus / Marc Ngui

Illustrations to „A Thousand Plateaus“ by Deleuze/Guattari. As „means of understanding of the ideas presented in the book“.

Visual Code / Susanne Stahl, André Gottschalk

A visual system to encode narrative parameters of novels as cover designs.

Jenny Brial

Artistic transformation and reinterpretation of maps.

Videorative Portrait / Sergio Albaic

Tool for drawing with tagged video content to create a dynamic networked image.

Jorinde Voigt

Opulent drawings in visual rhetoric of diagrams. Exhausting examination of diagrams and the display of complexities, expression of personal experiences. She talks about it as philosophic-cognitive and at the same time bodily-intensive activity but not mainly aesthetic. Website with a lot of works and good texts.

Diagramme / Marcus Steinweg

Artistic diagrams in reference to philosophical topics. Aesthetic of structure and diagrams that should not create the impression of clarity.

A living man declared dead… / Taryn Simon

Documentary photo series, each consisting of a narrative text, a diagrammatic layout of the photographs and additional visual artifacts, creating a very graphical and contemplative appearance.

Atlas of Transformation

Online version of the book: