Keyword: Geography 16


Mesh Tiler / Roman Karavia

Get a 3D mesh of any place in the world using MapTiler.

Magic UX / Special Projects

“Magic UX is a spatial user interface which allows users to virtually “pin” apps to a physical space. Every time you move your device to that space, the same app will open on your screen. … You can physically move content between apps just by dragging it through space. … Also multiple users can share the same virtual space, allowing them to drag and drop content into each others devices seamlessly.”


Global addressing system based on a 3×3 m grid of the world, where each cell is identified by a unique three word combination. Thought to replace numeric geo locations that are hard to remember and prone to errors in transmission. Covering the globe in a multi-lingual layer of random functional poetry.

GeoVisual Search / Descartes Labs

The True Size Of …

Critical Atlas of Internet / Louise Drulhe

“The aim of the “Critical Atlas of Internet” is to use spatial analysis as a key to understanding social, political and economic issues on Internet.”

The website also has an adaptive print layout to scale from booklet to poster in any size.

Terrapattern / Golan Levin, David Newbury, Kyle McDonald

“A visual search tool for satellite imagery”

Satelliten / Quadrature

Visualization of real-time satellite movement patterns on paper maps.

Jenny Odell

And other projects related to mapping, ordering, tracking, systems, observation.

Syntopic Fragments / Jens Wunderlich

“…combinations of image and text from different authors, linked by a place on earth – fragments of a collective local memory.”

Mikko Kuorinki

“All the words from Michel Foucault’s The Order of Things: An Archaelogy of the Human Sciences in alphabetical order.”

World map with washed out geography.

Myriahedral Projections

“A myriahedron is a polyhedron with a very large number of faces. For this reason, we call the results myriahedral projections. In step 2 and 3, this myriahedron is cut open and unfolded. The resulting maps have a large number of interrupts, but are (almost) conformal and conserve areas.”

Shannon Rankin

Maps as material for deconstruction and recombination.

Radical cartography

“Something about how maps can reveal everyday practices of power.” Some examples of critical projections and mapping techniques.

Hottest to Coldest

Jenny Brial

Artistic transformation and reinterpretation of maps.