Keyword: Politics


Normaal / Mark Henning

“A performative design research that explores how the handshake – a simple social gesture – has become coded with immense nationalistic meaning and examines how our definition of normal influences our suspicions of others.”

Anatomy of an AI System / Kate Crawford, Vladan Joler

The Amazon Echo as an anatomical map of human labor, data and planetary resources.

The Dark Age of Connectionism: Captivity / Wesley Goatley

Installation of an Amazon’s Alexa asked by Apple’s Siri about its politics.

Design for an Entrance to the Internet / Ted Hunt

“A workshop and ongoing research project which uses Sir John Soane’s unrealised architectural speculation ‘Design for an Entrance to London’ (c 1805) as a means to reimagine how we directly access and perceive the internet as the modern equivalent to the living organism of a city. The workshop questions how we might do this in a way that more critically considers the role access to the internet plays in authoring our interpretation of reality, our shared values, our social potential and human evolution.”

The True Size Of …

Critical Atlas of Internet / Louise Drulhe

“The aim of the “Critical Atlas of Internet” is to use spatial analysis as a key to understanding social, political and economic issues on Internet.”

pattrn / Forensic Architecture

Notes for a Liberated Computer Language / Alex Galloway, Eugene Thacker

“We worry about the imaginary, supplemental alphabets starting with letter twenty-seven. This is the impulse behind our notes for a liberated computer language, to re-introduce new noisy alphabets into the rigid semantic zone of informatic networks. […] We consider there to be little difference between living informatic networks and the universal informatic languages and standards used to define and sculpt them. If the languages are finite, then so, unfortunately, are the life possibilities. Thus a new type of language is needed, a liberated computer language for the articulation of political desires in today’s hostile climate of universal informatics.” (“The Exploit: A Theory of Networks”)

Superstitious Fund Project / Shing Tat Chung

A trading algorithm based on superstition (moon phases, numerology). An objectively subjective apparatus.

Mark Lombardi

Cross Coordinates

R15N / Telekommunisten

Technological intervention to “disorder” communication (“Miscommunication Technologies”) to gain more quality of communication. The service randomly connects two registered members of a community by phone to successively spread a message in the group.

UNFR / Arjan Groot

Systematization of the design of national flags generates a multiplicity of speculative national identities.

Atlas of Transformation

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