Keyword: Projection


Real-time Expression Transfer for Facial Reenactment


Satelliten / Quadrature

Visualization of real-time satellite movement patterns on paper maps.

Every possible photograph / Jeff Thompson

„This project investigates the idea of using computation to “use up” a piece of technology, in this case a digital camera. Using custom-written software (and a very long period of time), every possible photograph is generated, one at a time and in numerical order.“

See also his other projects exploring ideas of technical images, algorithms, abstraction, and computational vision.

Glassified Ruler / MIT Media Lab

Digitally augmented physical tool.

Myriahedral Projections

„A myriahedron is a polyhedron with a very large number of faces. For this reason, we call the results myriahedral projections. In step 2 and 3, this myriahedron is cut open and unfolded. The resulting maps have a large number of interrupts, but are (almost) conformal and conserve areas.“

Nuancen der Unwahrheit / Tina Michl

Graduation project about cartographic projection methods.

Radical cartography

„Something about how maps can reveal everyday practices of power.“ Some examples of critical projections and mapping techniques.