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The Ruler Project / Jiří Skála

“Rulers of altered length were distributed to professionals.”

Meters / Patrick Kochlick, Monika Hoinkis

“We believe in the joy of metering. It is enlightening and highly reassuring, also fun.”

Three Standard Stoppages / Marcel Duchamp

It is “a joke about the meter,” Duchamp glibly noted about this piece, but his premise for it reads like a theorem: “If a straight horizontal thread one meter long falls from a height of one meter onto a horizontal plane twisting as it pleases[it] creates a new image of the unit of length.” Duchamp dropped three threads one meter long from the height of one meter onto three stretched canvases. The threads were then adhered to the canvases to preserve the random curves they assumed upon landing. The canvases were cut along the threads’ profiles, creating a template of their curves creating new units of measure that retain the length of the meter but undermine its rational basis.